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The Campus Forest Renewal Fund

Fund Purpose:

S.F. State welcomes the campus community to support the maintenance of the campus forest. Donations for planting trees may be made to acknowledge individual or corporate support for development of the campus forest, in honor of retirements, or as memorials. Funds are received by the SF State Foundation into a special account and disbursed in the to SF State’s Facilities and Service Enterprises for purchase of trees.


Every year campus trees are damaged or lost to storm breakage, insect pests and disease infestations, construction activity, and decline associated with a variety of urbanization influences or biological factors. Please see the Forest Threats  page for more information.  


When such losses affect trees specifically planted to honor individuals, the purpose of the the gift to honor life is not well met.  To better support our donors’ intent, and to share recognition of donations as widely as possible, the campus now accepts donations for forest regions rather than individual trees, and lists the names of donors or memorials  prominently on the Campus Forest Renewal Fund Region Map available at all times to our donors and their families on our website.


Forest Renewal Fund Regions:

The core campus has been divided into donation regions as shown on the Campus Forest Renewal Fund Region Map. Click on a region label to see images of that region.


Recognition and Memorials:

Since physical plaques are damaged or degraded with time, and are accessible only to those on campus,  the Campus Forest Renewal Fund Region Map is now used to recognize our donors and all memorials in a manner easily accessible at all times on-line for our community. Each region has a separate recognition page.


Donations are listed alphabetically by the name of the individual, program, or organization being honored. No notation of the gift amount is made.


To Donate:

Donations to the Forest Renewal Fund are received and processed by the University Development Office. You may make a credit card donation on-line, or by mail or fax.


Please note: When you reach the donation processing page, you must select “Other” in the drop-down list  of options for your support, and specify “Forest Renewal Fund”  in the “if other, enter designation “  box.. The next step is to enter the name of the region , and the individual(s), organization, or program you wish to honor with your gift in the “Special instructions for this gift” box.  Click here to go to the donation processing page.


Thank You

By donating to the program, you are enabling the planting of new trees, and promoting a thriving forest and enriched wildlife habitat on campus for years to come. 


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