Facilities and Service Enterprises

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Building coordinators

Building / College:




Campus Ext:



Administration Building
  Bomar, Kit
  ADM 469
Student Services Building
  Hooker, Evelyn
  SSB 403
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences   Cleary, John   8-1066
  HSS 353
College of Business   Low, Larry   8-2666
  BUS 321
College of Creative Arts   Lahey, Steve   8-7772
  CA 4
College of Education            
College of Ethnic Studies
College of Health and Human Services   Breheney, Jim   8-6354
  HSS 204
College of Humanities   Sherwin, Paul   8-1541
  HUM 484
College of Science and Engineering   Blagoyevich, Mike   8-2385
  TH 310
Library   Blevin, Matthew   8-1639
  LIB 602C


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